City-States and their Sorcerer-Kings

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City States and their Sorcerer Kings









High noon
Oh I’d sell my soul for water
Nine years’ worth
Of breakin’ my back
There’s no sun in the shadow of the wizard
See how he glides
Why he’s lighter than air
Oh I see his face

Where is your star
Is it far, is it far, is it far
When do we leave
I believe, yes, I believe

* in the heat and the rain
With whips and chains
Just to see him fly
So many die

We built a tower of stone
With out flesh and bone
Just to see him fly
Don’t know why
Now where do we go

Hot wind moving fast across the desert
We feel that our time has arrived
The world spins while we put his wing together
A tower of stone to take him straight to the sky
Oh I see his face


City-States and their Sorcerer-Kings

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