Crown of Dust


This relic is a fragment of a crown of gold, about a third of the whole. The piece is still wearable – barely. Visions of raging sandstorms warm the blood of those who wear the fragment.

You gain a +2 item bonus to saving throws against ongoing poison and necrotic damage, as well as to skill challenge checks to survive or navigate desert hazards.
-The item sheds bright blood-red light
-you make saving throws against untyped ongoing dam at the start of your turn.
-you gain +2 Cha bonus based skills dealing with undead and servants of Ul-Athra

Resist 15 poison each enemy within 5 of you has vulnerable 5 poison
Encounter (immediate Interrupt)
Trigger – An enemy within 5 of you fails a saving throw.
Effect: The daily power recharges.
Encounter (free)
You score a crit – the target takes ongoing 10 poison (Save ends)

Your origin changes to elemental
You gain +5 item bonus to escape
You can shift through enemies spaces – Once per turn you can deal 5 poison damage to an enemy when you enter its space by shifting
Encounter: immediate reaction:
Trigger – you take poison damage effect: you shift up to half your speed.


A millenium ago, Ul-Athra was bested by the Dragon. The beast clove the primordial’s crown into three parts, all of which were lost to history until now . . .

The Crown seeks to be reunited into a whole item once again, and wants to find and resurrect Ul-Athra. The G’tok-Dra have recovered one fragment, but it does not know where to find its other fragments or the remains of Ul-Athra.

According to the Veiled Alliance, there is a Blood Jewel that is also part of the Crown.

The raider lord Yarnath prowls the wastelands in his crawling citadel called Slither. Not long ago, Yarnath bent all his effort toward recovering an artifact fragment known as the Crown of Dust. But someone beat him to it. Yarnath did not come away empty-handed. Though he did not find the fragment he sought, his raiders located the crown jewel of the ancient artifact. This red stone, called the Blood Jewel, is the crystallized blood of an ancient primordial. With it, Yarnath might unlock the power of a being mighty enough to slay the ancient gods.

Sneaking into Slither the G’tok-Dra stole the Blood Jewel. This blood red glowing crystal hovers above your head, bathing you in candle-bright red light.

Finding and releasing a Dragonborn a follower of Ul-Athra who was being interrogated by Rook a minion of Yarnath – the group discovered the location of another piece of the crown hidden in the Sea of Silt in an ancient pyramid. Unfortunately he did not make it out of Slither alive.


Crown of Dust

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