Druid Wererat


Something bumped into me — something soft and plump. It must have been the rats; the viscous, gelatinous, ravenous army that feast on the dead and the living … – Lovecraft

The rat represents stealth, passion and perseverance in the face of extinction. Wherever there are people; coalescing in the filth is the rat. Tyr was such a place. People struggling to survive and huddled together in a place they didn’t really want to be, but for the rat it is a paradise!

When Oblidai was a young slave in the city he stopped the struggle of humanity and went with the flow of nature. He was bitten by a rat like creature and succumbed to the filth fever. Left for dead his body was of no more use to his master and discarded as so much trash. But when the moons of Athas rose that night; so did Oblidai. A horrific transformation made him into a creature of the twilight. Shunned by his own race he took to his benefactor – the rat and learned their ways. Pilfering his meals and hiding in the shadows. The life of the rat was easy and good but Oblidi desired more…

Oblidai left the comfort of Tyr and began traversing the wasteland and conferring with the spirits. They gave him primal energies to control the very desert. He saw the beauty in the dunes and oasis. The virility of life and all it had to offer, and he became its protector and champion.



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