Expech Tuhuy (DEAD)

Expech Tuhuy (Singing Rain) was a Human Elemental Priest (Theme) Shaman.


Expech Tuhuy (Singing Rain)

Expech is was a tall thin human. His features are were sharp, with a long face. His eyes are were a catlike yellow color. He stands stood a little over six feet tall and weighs weighed approximately 160 pounds. His skin is was rough and brown and he is was bald except for a long russet braid, with carefully controlled facial hair. His ears are were slightly pointed.

Expech speaks spoke in a soft rich voice and he prolongs the last word of his sentences as one might do when chanting. He treats others with respect and is very welcoming. He does not smile much (especially now ‘cause he’s fucking dead-Ian) and many times he appears deep in thought and he will have many long blinks. He walks slow and takes his time with everything; he hardly hurries, even when it is a necessity.

He worships something he calls Zerthimon. He reveres his surroundings and says the blessing of Zerthimon flows over the Gith-attala (Tribe) like rain showering from the sky. He is present in the ash dust and sand, and shows himself through the great spirits. We become closer to Zerthimon by showing our love for the land, by respecting it and the ones that are in it; by respecting and acknowledging the spirits and the elders.

Expech’s Gith-attala (tribe) practices pastoralism and roams the desert with their flocks and herd. Every three or four weeks they moved their beit al-sha’ar, or “house of hair” to seek more water or better pasture for their animals; fighting unbearable heat in the day and the bitter chill at night. He was taught that everyone in the desert should be treated hospitably and it was part of their creed – rooted in the harshness of desert life, no traveler was turned away from the qawm (clan).

His gith-attala is ruled by the Iginiuchu (Powerful Mother), and included in there group is there Matriarch, called Iginiuchu also. She a large and powerful woman, obviously new to her role as the leader when she and her tribe was attacked, but the battle wounds she bears show her power, and her wisdom is apparent when you speak to her. Her frill is painted with a multitude of powerful symbols that show her strong connection with their tribal god. The rest are from other scattered tribes, but most proffered themselves before Iginiuchu and joined under her frill, all by choice.

Expech is the Enoq (holy man/shaman) of the tribe.

Expech was hewn in half from a Chuul that double crit him…



Expech Tuhuy (DEAD)

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