True Raid

the forces of evil attack G'tok Dra!

G’tok Dra was on the run. Mere minutes ago, the meeting they were supposed to have with Sartaj and Marama was raided by half-giant and human thugs, led by a dray defiler mage. After repulsing the initial attack, the young rebels fled into the chaotic streets of the Warrens. Buildings were ablaze as an armed force of the True massacred real and suspected Alliance members. Ducking quickly into the sewers, G’tok Dra emerged a short distance away from the mayhem. Human soldiers and dray mages scoured an empty, burned-out block from stragglers and quickly spotted them in the glow of a monstrous fire elemental. The 15-foot tall inferno towered over the human soldiers and inside of it, a hairless mul seemed to be controlling it!

“You see how easy this is, Marama? Soon, I’ll crush the Veiled Alliance and the last obstacle to resurrecting King Kalak will be removed! It’s such a shame you won’t be here to witness the totality of your FAILURE.”

The elemental-wearing mul grabbed the plump and lifeless body of G’tok Dra’s tutor and threw it into the side of a building that was burning furiously. The mul quickly turned his attention on the party.

“Well, well, well! Look at this collection of baazrag dung! You must be Marama’s students! Illikan, Oblidai, and Toox—perhaps I’ll show you mercy…by selling you to the highest bidder!”

The mul laughed as the forces of the True surrounded G’tok Dra, weapons drawn._



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