You, your leader Sartaj, and your companions are now slaves in Avram’s caravan, leaving at sunrise for Balic on the South Road out of Tyr. You quickly learn that Avram, the caravan master, is a half-elven Balican man and you are now his property and treated no better than animals.

Under way, Avram’s caravan seems almost like a small town. A harnessed pair of mekillots pulls a giant walled wagon, while a trio of inix carries howdas with guards. Avram has hired additional guards while his caravan is near Tyr, presumably lest any of his property try to take advantage of the `Free City’.

Sartaj was grievously burned and seriously wounded in the raid. It will take much time before she is completely healed. You do your best to make her comfortable but the jarring of the wagon makes her release pitiful gasps of pain from her charred lips.

She tells you of the situation as you have much time to contemplate your fate:

She and Marama were on their way to meet with the adventurers when the attack began. Sartaj fell to Obadias while trying to cover Marama’s escape. When you tell her of Marama’s fate she is visably upset but somewhat in shock.

She explains she has heard of Obadias before. Her information suggests that while he is a warlock of some power, the elemental made him much stronger. She has heard of Obadias in connection with a group known as The True; a secretive group of defilers recently active in Tyr. She had asked the adventurers to meet hoping to secure their aid in an investigation of The True. The attack could not have been carried out so successfully without inside information on the activities of the Veiled Alliance – either there is a traitor inside the Alliance, or someone has been turned.

You also know:
The trip to Balic should take about 15 days.

You are tied inside of the wagon’s slave hold – a dark, hot room with no ventilation and a door on each side barred from the outside. You have no possessions besides your clothing. (please make sure to adjust stats)

The wagon moves at daybreak; a hour later five guards (one appears to be some sort of psionicist) feed the slaves (gruel and water) and check your shackles. They return in the evening with an additional quart of water per slave. This routine never varies.

You are in location F.



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