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Beneath the red sun, death and suffering come all too easily…

El’Rakeen was the first to fall. The elf maiden had suffered a grievous wound to her arm in the attack and had been falling behind. Expech did all he could to aid the poor woman but the arduous trek was too much for her. Already carrion was wheeling overhead – it was like a flare to their position. Any predator who saw would know there was easy prey to be had. Expech cursed their plight and shook his head at Korek. They had to make haste – perhaps they could find cover or someplace they could hole up for the rest of the day…

They would need a defensible position. As if reading his mind, the thri-kreen began to scout ahead, scurrying over the next dune, his six legs producing little clouds of dust that shimmered in the sun.
Dark sun glory
Dark Sun

City-States and their Sorcerer-Kings

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Main Page

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