The Burning of Kled

Juga Dai took a number of his elite scouts and set off for Kled with the party. As they approached Kled, Barunus came out in alarm thinking the elves had come to attack. He was accompanied by Bost and Oblidai – but upon seeing Ilikan and the strange wizard they called out a clan greeting.

“May your water skins always be full.” Oblidai explained to the group how he had returned the remains of Expech Tuhuy (DEAD) to the G’tok-dra and how his spirit was now with their ancestors. They explained what had happened in his absence and began to parley between the elves and dwarves and told them of the arrangement they had worked out. The Dwarves would help them secure and rebuild their ancient stronghold and the elves would provide the antidote for the oasis. Juga was adamant that the druid would not be released – much to Oblidai’s chagrin. Almost as soon as these arrangements were made an advance elven scout riding a Kank appeared on the horizon in obvious trouble. Both him and his steed were struck with multiple arrows and as the elf rode up to Juga he slumped in his saddle. Urik was on the warpath! They were coming – Dwarves and elves fled like sugar ants before a sand storm!

The group decided to make a stand against the advancing army. Wave after wave of indestructible Urikite warriors left Bost and Illiacan unconscious with the sniveling wizard running with his demonic tail between his legs and the rat man hiding in some crevasse as usual…



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