Rocky Barrens

G’tok- Dra got a respite from the heat of the day in the thorny briar. The team took turns keeping watch as the others rested. Toox created a crystal of psionic energy and cast it beyond the briar patch. This created a psychic double of herself, allowing her to see the surroundings outside the thorny wall. She saw a tiefling man approaching, wheeling overhead a kestrel squawked – apparently communicating in some way to the devil man. Watching him setup a lean-to next to the briars she hailed him. Surprised he introduced himself as Iados, a Wizard of sorts who worked with the templars from Draj. He had been on the same caravan and had been working with Avarm, as a slave, but unlike them he seemed to have unique skills the Caravan leader was interested in. Seeing how he seemed somewhat trustworthy they decided to have him join their party. As the merciless sun finally set and the twin moons rose in the night sky they set off again in search of the oasis.

There are dozens of different kinds of cactus in the Stony Barrens. Three different varieties dominate the region however: a spherical purple kind roughly two feet in diameter, a tubular kind that resembles a mass of writhing brains and covers the ground for twenty square yards and a tall tree-like kind with 1-6 branches.
Bounding unknowingly into the middle of them the plants animated and attacked the group, seeking to draw the blood from the adventurers to feed their own roots. Sensing that they could turn the table around – the saguaros appeared to contain moisture. The group hacked away at the man-eating plants and was rewarded with a day’s supply of cactus juice which was amply satisfying for one dying of thirst in this barren wasteland.
As the PCs climb a small dune, they heard a loud frantic buzzing on the other side. The aarakocra are both coal black with naked heads entirely devoid of feathers wicked looking red eye and wingspans of about 20 feet. They are attacking a wezer. Which resembles a wasp but also has many things in common with a bee it has a red body is about five feet long, three feet in diameter and has no apparent stinger at the end of its abdomen. The sphere attached to its mouth is a ball of wax the size of a one gallon jug. The wezer is no match for the aarakocra.
Driving off the aarakocra – the Wezer takes one last wheezing breath and gives up his ball of wax as his life-spirit left his carapace.

Over the next sand dune they see a number of hills. The size of the domes varies between three and eight feet tall but that all are about five feet in diameter. The domes are apparently constructed of sand glued together in some way. Only one, near the center of the area, has an obvious entrance. The entrance is four feet in diameter. The group deduces this must be the home of the late Wezer they found. Even though they were pretty sure to find plenty more balls of wax – they decided that walking into a hive of mad wezers wasn’t worth the risk.
Traveling through the night they came upon another apparent group of ex-slaves sneaking up on three inix-drawn wagons, hoping to steal some water. When the PCs make their presence known, the woman angrily tells them to keep out of sight before they blow the ambush.



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