Marauders of the Dune Sea

After saying our goodbyes to our friend and leader we decided to explore the Cave some more. This place appears to be some sort of crypt and it held some intrigue to the events that had unfolded thus far. Exploring a side passageway we came to a door that opened into a passageway with four doors in each direction and a hejkin skeletal remains lying on the floor in the middle. Opening the northern door exposed a brightly lit room and roars of flame accompany the dancing lights from 4 massive braziers that burn, one in each corner of the chamber. The skeleton of a snakelike creature lies crumbling on the floor, its eye sockets seeming to smolder with embers. A alter carved of bone stands along the northern wall. As we hesitantly entered the room a puff of smoke indicated the entrance of a skeletal form appearing in each of the two northern braziers, burning but undamaged by the flames. Fire flares in the eye sockets of the skeletal creature on the floor, it tail rose and struck at us! Smoke puffed from the two southern braziers and shambling forms of zombies appeared next to them. Two of the zombies were encrusted with salt and their deathly groans assaulted our ears and attempted to suck the mineral from G’tok Dra’s bodies. The skeleton animates and swings it’s tail in wide arcs, hitting a few party members. The heroes manage to beat back the undead and destroy the skeletal trap.

The party delves further, encountering a nasty trap and a Boneshard Skeleton, defeating both. They encountered a room, littered with corpses which reanimate due to an unseen force, powerful defiling magic. After clearing the room, the heroes are surprised to find another party, standing in the doorway of the chamber. Turns out that others have answered the call of House Shom to investigate the Face in Stone. This group, The Red Chord, is comprised of 3 adventurers—malcontents, all.

After a brief but furious combat, the heroes emerge victorious-again. The party continues on, encountering minor distractions until they reach a large chamber with pit in the center. Shadow wraiths attack, along with an adult Silk Wyrm—a snake-like monster. The heroes easily beat back the wraiths, while Korek riikqhari jumps into the pit to discover a fragment of a powerful artifact Crown of Dust, once owned by a mighty primordial.

Silk wyrm
The party heads back towards the cavern entrance, only to discover a party of elves with Skull symbols painted on their faces. They claim to represent the raider Yarnath—a powerful lich who prowls the Tablelands in a gigantic, moving fortress called Slither. A group of outriders are seen, riding crodlu and approaching at a rapid pace. The heroes make a hasty retreat into the mountains near the cave and eventually lose their pursuers.

Several days later, the heroes return to the city of Tyr to rest and claim their reward from House Shom. Ilikan is approached by a man who introduces himself as Xorann Kreb, who inquires about Toox and the debt she owes to him. The party feigns ignorance and a fight ensues. Kreb has several allies, including a knife-master, who dances around the battlefield, slicing and dicing the heroes.

Xorann Kreb is quickly killed, as the party concentrates on taking him down. His allies throw rocks at the party, hitting several.

A female figure and a large centipede-like creature are spotted by Illikan, on top of a nearby roof. The woman begins pelting the party with arcane spells and the cilops is knocked down by Korek. The cilops makes a target of Tirshel and continues to attack him, solely, throughout the rest of the battle.

The party manages to hold their own-and then some-against the new and old foes. Suddenly, though, a group of masked men appear around the marketplace. They are led by a woman wielding a sword, who casts a spell, killing the cilops.

“You have to get out of here! Come with me!!” She yells to the party.



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